Star Wars Episode VII: 5 Starships That Should Return

star wars ships 1 There€™s been lots of talk about who might be returning for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. Will Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia or Lando Calrissian be coming back? Will The Emperor or even Darth Vader return from the grave? Will Ahsoka Tano make an appearance? It€™s all, quite rightly been character focused thus far but there€™s something else about the Star Wars Saga that we all love. Starships! Star Wars starships are as much loved as some of the characters and given the return to the Galaxy far, far away, you would imagine we€™d see some of them return too. Looking at all existing six episodes, George Lucas was sure to make the two trilogies distinctly different in ship technology in order to make the two eras visually different. However he was also sure to let us know that many ship designs informed us where the evolution of Star Wars vehicles went as the original trilogy rolled around in the chronological order of the story. Early speeder bikes popped up, more beautifully designed star ships were put in to represent a galaxy at peace and then over a course of three films they slowly changed to represent a more war torn look as the Clone Wars swept through the galaxy. The Star Wars starships are very much a key visual to the new trilogy but given that these new films are sequels and not prequels, what fan favourite ships should return and more so why?

Honourable Mentions

star wars ships 7 First up we have to set some boundaries. It would be easy to say, everything that had come previously should show up again in the sequels but Star wars is better than that, plus Hasbro will want to sell more toys and you do that with new designs. Of course I wanted to list things like the Sith Infiltrator but with no Darth Maul, there€™s not much call for that. Same goes for Jedi starfighters and Queen Amidala€™s royal starship. In fact, a large part of the prequel trilogy is a no go because Episodes IV to VI pretty much inform us that these ships are obsolete. At a stretch we may get to see fan favourite Tie Fighters, but without knowledge of who the villain is set to be in Episode 7, that is still guess work, same goes for At-Ats, At-Sts and all the Return of the Jedi style speeder bikes. All of these and more are on my list of vehicles I'd love to see again but something tells me that as a lot of these are Empire based and there will potentially be no Empire around in Episode VII and beyond, it's unlikely. I would suggest that they could all be shoe horned in and sit around the edges of the main story or be echoed in new ship designs but I doubt they'll play a bigger part than that. So what starships could turn up in Episode VII and beyond? Click on dear Star Wars reader, let€™s start the five.

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