Star Wars: EVERY Movie & TV Show Ranked Worst To Best

What's the best way to experience the galaxy far, far away?


Star Wars is one of cinema's most epic and universally beloved sagas. The films and shows involved in the franchise have helped shape generation after generation, influencing numerous science-fiction films, novels, comics, shows and more.

Beginning in 1977, the franchise was created by George Lucas, who wanted to create an epic space opera. He began putting it together as early as 1971, based on the adventures of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers (as well as some inspiration from Akira Kurosawa).

Splitting the main narrative into two sets of three films, Lucas set out to make his dream a reality and in 1977 A New Hope was released and changed the world of cinema forever.

Since then, a great number of films and TV shows have been made to continue and expand on the Star Wars galaxy in new and exciting ways, adding new characters, worlds, conflicts and turmoil. Some have gone better than others, but it's safe to say that all have something to give.

This is Star Wars, after all.

For the following list, short films will not be included, nor will fan-made movies, but non-canon media is considered. There are also major spoilers from here on out.

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