Star Wars: Everything We Know About George Lucas' Sequel Trilogy

It's like poetry.

Star Wars George Lucas

For a man who made so much of Star Wars up as he went along, George Lucas sure did have a lot of plans for its future.

While the creator of the galaxy far, far away had no idea that Darth Vader would end up being Luke Skywalker's father, or that Luke and Leia would be siblings (with a considerable ick factor involved), he was speaking about multiple sequels as early as Star Wars' release in 1977.

The plans continued to shift over the years, going from it being a 12 movie saga of four separate trilogies, to no more films after the Return of the Jedi, to just the prequels and the originals and nothing else, before eventually Lucasfilm was sold to Disney in 2012 (for a whopping $4bn, no less, although that now looks a bargain) and a whole new, Lucas-free sequel trilogy was started.

In the years since the sale, though, Lucas has revealed that he was working on his own plans for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, which he even passed on to Disney but they decided not to use. While we don't know everything he might've done - and given how he's always worked, it's likely he doesn't either - a number of intriguing details have been revealed about just how George Lucas' sequel trilogy might have looked.


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