Star Wars: Predicting The Next 10 Years Of The Franchise

Two trilogies, anthology movies and live action Netflix shows...

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With a new Star Wars trilogy, Rogue One, Han Solo's origin film and Star Wars Rebels incoming, there is no denying that Star Wars has returned with - pardon the pun - force. It is a good time to be a fan of the franchise, with Disney breathing new life into the once dying series; starting this Christmas, audiences are going to be treated to a new Star Wars film every year for the next five years.

But then what? Disney are hardly going to be content with just five blockbusters under their belt. Not when they get to release two or three Marvel films each year. A film every year for the next ten years? A TV show or two? A lot can happen in the next decade and at the risk of oversaturation, fans are going to get more Star Wars for their buck than ever before. 

The fact that there is already debate over who is going to direct the third film in the sequel trilogy and Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy has been happily discussing the Han Solo and Boba Fett anthology films that are still years off release, just shows how much of the long game they are playing. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just the beginning.

Piecing together rumours, facts and just a little bit of conjecture, here's what the next ten years might look like for the Star Wars Cinematic Universe...

10. 2015: The Force Awakens Is A Critical Success

Boba Fett Poster

2015 has already been a good year for Star Wars fans. In the build up to The Force Awakens, audiences have already seen animated TV series Star Wars Rebels go from strength to strength and the arrival of Darth Vader in the season two opener is the icing on the cake. 

Fans have already had news on what is on Disney's slate from Ocean's Eleven-style heist movie Rogue One - complete again with Darth Vader - and a Han Solo prequel movie. As for that Netflix TV show rumour? Expect that to stir for a while before any confirmation arrives.

What We Know Will Happen

The success of Marvel's Star Wars Cinematic Universe hinges on the success of JJ Abram's-directed The Force Awakens. The new Star Wars movie has to be a success. It features the return of core cast members Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie and loveable droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, George Lucas has gone from the project, removing fears of another Prequel-style movie away and the new cast is pretty amazing. 

There is even the welcome return of model work harking back to the days of the original trilogy. On top of that, there appears to be a passion to learn from the mistakes of Episodes I-III and deliver something that is worthy of a follow up to Return Of The Jedi.

What We Predict Will Happen

If the latest Comic-Con-released footage is anything to go by, the new Star Wars movie is going to be a huge success, reinstilling the thrill and adventure of the original trilogy, complete with a great story. Will The Force Awakens be a money-making success? Yes. But will it be a critical success too? Absolutely.


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