Star Wars Quiz: Can You Name The Film Or Show By Just One Image?

Can you work out which Star Wars adventure it is by one single scene?

Star Wars Darth Vader

In 1977, a blockbuster movie was released that took us into a world that many of us still can't get enough of over 50 years later

Star Wars: A New Hope took us into a story of a far, far away galaxy where an evil Empire ruled. We saw a small group of Rebels fight for the freedom of everyone. Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca gave everything they had to take on a fierce foe in Darth Vader and his ferocious leader, Emperor Palpatine.

Over the decades, more heroes and villains have entered the Star Wars mythology as we've traveled forwards and backwards in time across these ever-expanding tales. We saw the heroic acts of Ray and Poe, and battled against Darth Maul and Kylo Ren. With movies and TV shows being released so frequently, it's become hard for even the most dedicated fan to keep up with all the Star Wars adventures.

The question is, how big of a fan of the Star Wars shows and movies are you? Can you work out which Star Wars outing it is by looking at just one image?

This quiz will test even the biggest fan of Star Wars. Will you manage to get every one correct? Let's find out!

1. Where Is This Scene From?


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