Star Wars: Ranking Every Major Death From Worst To Best

The Galaxy is not a place for Bantha Fodder...


In Star Wars, a lot of people die. Like, a LOT. If you were to count the actual toll of the entire franchise - and no doubt somebody has actually done that - then the number would no doubt be millions, particularly if you include the countless planets that are obliterated by either the Empire or First Order throughout the saga.

Some, however, are more memorable than others. If you die via a lightsaber or the hand of a loved one, that will live long in the memory. Yet if you are merely the victim of a gunshot wound then you're likely going to sit significantly down in the pecking order. After all, a lightsaber is just a much cooler way to go.

Star Wars has seen its characters move on in many different ways and, in doing so, divided many fans. There are moments in the films that make for truly blockbuster viewing, but others can often leave audiences wanting more and expressing their disappointment at how things didn't go the way they either expected or wanted.

Whatever the method, Star Wars does not hold back when it comes to acts of violence and, sometimes, it’s hard to decide whether it was the right decision or the wrong one.

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