Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Major Plot Theories You Need To Know

4. Why Rey Is Abandoned On Jakku - The Kylo Theory

This one is a personal favourite, although being the movie is aiming to please everyone in existence, it's doubtful such a complex backstory will be followed through on. Anyway, get ready for what could be an awesome reveal in Episode VIII. So, in Rey's flashback, the person that Kylo stabs in the back as Rey looks up from the floor is mid-swing, as though they're attacking her. What if the Knights of Ren got in the way of whatever that attack was - despite them actually being there on assignment to wipe out the colony or city - and accidentally SAVED Rey? Kylo can€™t be seen to let people live after his orders were to slaughter everyone, so he mind-wipes her and leaves her on Jakku (or orders one of his team to do it), leaving her as his dirty little secret. This explains the call to the light he describes having, as he knows what it felt like to save someone after previously pledging allegiance to Snoke, and why he repeatedly freaks out so much when he€™s told "a girl" on Jakku helped BB-8 escape. The age gaps between the characters would allow for a teenage Kylo to pull this off when Rey was just a few years younger, and although Star Wars rarely delves into flashbacks to deliver its story, having the director of Looper and Brick on-hand for Episode VIII bodes well for a more complex, time-travelling narrative.
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