Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 6 Reasons Mark Hamill Could Ruin It

6. His Age

There€™s no getting away from the fact that Mark Hamill is no spring chicken. Appearing in a blockbuster action film is no easy feat for a 64-year-old man, especially when being asked to play such an iconic and crucial role. It€™s over 30 years since Hamill last appeared on screen as Luke Skywalker, will he still be able to give the character the mental and physical investment it needs and deserves? According to recent newspaper reports, Hamill is struggling with the physical demands of The Force Awakens. British broadsheet The Sunday Times claimed that the actor very nearly fell to his death after slipping on the treacherous mountainside of Skellig Michael near County Kerry during filming. Hamill was quick to shoot the story down online, with a series of tweets to his followers that claimed the rumours of his near-demise were completely false and he hadn€™t so much as skinned a knee, been stung by a bee or got a bump on the head. The paper is sticking to its guns, however, releasing a statement that suggests the story does have some truth to it:
€œWe stand by our story, which asserted that Mark Hamill was saved from a dangerous fall while on Skellig Micheal. This was corroborated by an eyewitness who was present at the time. Contrary to other media reports following our story we did not assert or report that Hamill was injured.€

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