Suicide Squad 2: 7 Characters Dave Bautista Could Play

Which DC Comics villain could the former WWE man play?

Dave Bautista Bane
DC Comics/WWE

When James Gunn was announced as the new leading contender to both write and direct Suicide Squad 2 in the wake of David Ayer's departure and the unexpected (and unreported) news that Gavin O'Connor has also stepped down, the hype factor was immediately turned up. He's a truly gifted director who will bring a lot to the franchise, as long as he's given enough freedom to make his own movie.

Rather wonderfully, there are some things we can already expect from a Gunn movie: dark humour for instance (though he might think twice about some of it in the wake of his Disney firing) and also the appearance of some familiar faces. With the likes of Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion appearing in several of his films, it's fair to say that he's probably both a good director to work for and a loyal one who gives opportunities to those who considers friends.

And now, Dave Bautista wants into that group. The former WWE star has been working with Gunn on the Guardians movies and when the news broke of his Suicide Squad involvement, Bautista doubled-down on his Disney protest by publicly asking where he could sign up. So, inevitably, we now need to explore WHO he could be signing up as if he does...

7. Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange
DC Comics

It would be truly great if Gunn's Suicide Squad 2 ended up being a sort of Assault On Arkham evolution where Amanda Waller's team are forced to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve a key asset or take down targets being protected within and used by Hugo Strange in some nefarious scheme.

That would obviously require a Strange casting and while you'd probably prefer someone with a little more thespian experience behind them than Bautista, but he makes it here as a suggestion based solely on the modern design of the character. Put a beard on Bautista's look in Blade Runner and you've basically got Hugo Strange and he'd definitely sell the physical presence.

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