Suicide Squad: 8 Biggest Differences With Batman V Superman

7. David Goyer's Writing Style Is Nowhere To Be Found

Batman V Superman Suicide Squad.jpg
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David S Goyer is one of the more divisive and controversial screenwriters in the movie business today. To many fans, there is a (perhaps unfair) perception that Goyer is still cashing in the goodwill that came from his involvement in the Dark Knight trilogy; while those three flicks were obviously some of the greatest comic book movies of all time, he was working with the two Nolan brothers, who had a huge amount of creative control.

Goyer’s fingerprints appear to be all over both Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman - from the valuing of themes over logic right through to messy and overly convoluted plots that leave massive plot holes. In contrast, Suicide Squad will be one of the fe recent DC properties that won't have Goyer’s hands anywhere near it. Unlike Snyder, David Ayer has taken on the writing role for Suicide Squad himself, and given what we have seen from his earlier writing efforts, this is potentially very exciting.

While he has written a few movies in his time that weren’t well received, Ayer's writing CV is predominantly stronger than Goyer’s and is diverse enough to demonstrate that he knows how to construct a screenplay for almost any genre.


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