Suicide Squad: How To Fix The 5 Biggest Casting Mistakes

They're going to hurt us really, really bad.

Forget Batman V Superman - if you're wanting a great DC cinema experience in 2016, Suicide Squad is the dark, twisted horse to bet on. David Ayer's exploration of the lesser known rogue's gallery of Batman and other big Justice League heroes has defied expectations and is shaping up to be a nice little comic book curiosity. For starters, it had David Ayer, director of End Of Watch and Fury at the helm. Then that first-look trailer from Comic-Con - a rough-cut made up of footage from only the first half of the shoot - was unleashed, boasting a tone and visuals all looked pretty fitting. But one area where the film's really dropped the ball is the casting. When the line-up of actors bringing Task Force X to life was first unveiled eyebrows were raised, and now we've given it some time and seen the gang in action, it appears in some cases those original misgivings weren't that far off the mark. Not all the mistakes are out-and-out terrible (although some are), but they do whack of a missed opportunity. So, in a What If more exciting than anything ever pulled in the comics, let's take a look at how the biggest casting mistakes in Suicide Squad and how they could have been fixed.

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