Super Bowl 2018: 9 Major Movie Trailers To Expect

8. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Emily Blunt

Status: Confirmed

Paramount tend to have a big presence at the Super Bowl, and they're lining up two films for this year - one pre-game and the other in the last half-hour. One of those is A Quiet Place, a movie that's largely been flying under the radar and could benefit from an injection of hype, with Deadline's report stating it is one of the studio's offerings.

The movie is the third directorial effort from John Krasinski, and looks set to be his biggest yet. Krasinski stars alongside Emily Blunt in the supernatural horror, which sees a family living on a farm having to hide from an evil being attracted to sound. It's released on April 6, so makes a lot of sense for Paramount to push it here.

Likelihood: 10/10


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