Superman vs. Batman Cast: 10 Actors Who Could Play Batman

elba batman

With the flurry of announcements hitting the web over the weekend, none perked us up anywhere near as much as Zack Snyder's reveal that the sequel to his hugely successful Man of Steel will be a film featuring both Superman and Batman. More to the point, the title has been confirmed as being either Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman - they haven't decided which one they prefer yet - and Henry Cavill has been touted to return as the Man of Steel alongside Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Diane Lane (Martha Kent) and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White). The Caped Crusader, meanwhile, will be getting recast, with no indication that they will be seeking out Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play John Blake following the events of The Dark Knight Rises (which is unsurprising given the rumours that Marvel is busy chasing him down). Buzz is running rampant over the web as to who could follow in the footsteps of Christian Bale to take up the cape and cowl, and though we know that Warner Bros. is getting ready to run a list of actors through screen tests for the role as we speak, we largely haven't got a clue who might be on that list. As a result, it's time to speculate - here are 10 actors who could play Batman...

10. Alexander SkarsgÄrd

Alexander SkarsgardWhy He Could: Alexander Skarsgard is extremely handsome, looks fantastic in a suit, and at 6 foot 4, would certainly give Batman a towering presence over Supes, who measures up at an even 6 foot or thereabouts. Having been on the shortlist of a number of high profile projects over the years, he's also getting ready to film Tarzan, playing the titular vine-swinger in what is unquestionably a terrific spot of casting. Why He Won't: He's still relatively unknown to anyone who has never seen the TV show True Blood, which would put him rather low down on the studio's pecking order of prospective choices, if he's even on the list at all. Furthermore, the fact that he's lost out on so many high-profile roles likely means there's something studios can't quite get behind about the guy, talented though he surely is.

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