Taken 3 Is Already In The Works

Because money makes people extremely giddy and desperate for more, Taken 2 screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen recently spoke about plans to extend the popular "Liam Neeson smashes Europe up" franchise into a fully-fledged trilogy with Taken 3. Clutching a large royalty cheque with a grin stuck on his face, Kamen said: "We didn't start talking about until we saw the numbers, but then we said, 'Oh, okay. I think we should do a third one," which brilliantly sums up everything that is wrong with modern movie making in general. There's no word as to what the next film will actually be about, given that nobody really feels like putting the poor Mills family through further torment so soon after the events of the sequel (though they definitely will eventually because of the money thing, remember?). Our money is on new character Jamie (Maggie Grace's boyfriend) joining his hulking mass of a father-in-law - Die Hard 5-style - on a bizarrely contrived mission to do something against somebody who has taken somebody else in the family captive. Aw, who cares? Just put the freakin' violence back in. Taken 2 is out in cinemas now. You can read our thoughts on the movie here, here and here.

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