Terminator Genisys: 30 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References

Terminators can cry now, apparently.

Terminator Genisys takes the time travelling chase movie franchise back to its roots, quite literally. At once a prequel, sequel, remake and do-over, the reboot uses using the series' innate mind-bending timeline to take Terminator in a new direction while very much showing a love for everything that came before. So, naturally, there's a lot of Easter eggs and references hidden in Alan Taylor's film. A lot. There's so many homages to iconic scenes or callbacks to your favourite moments, in fact, that even an eagle-eyed, devout Terminator fan could miss a couple. So, here's a rundown of the thirty best, coolest or otherwise jaw-dropping in-jokes you may have missed.

30. Yes, That's T2's Judgement Day

Kyle Reese's opening narration provides a background on the franchise's post-apocalyptic future. Fans of the franchise will notice that the date of Judgement Day, when Skynet became self-aware and nuked humanity, is the same as that given in Terminator 2: Judgement Day; August 29th, 1997. This sets up very early on that the events of Rise Of The Machines and Salvation, while not explicitly ignored, don't factor into the story in any meaningful way; Judgement Day from that timeline occurs in 2003, a year before Kyle Reese's birth.

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