Thanos: 12 Awesome Abilities To Look Out For In The MCU

Thanos' true arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is imminent.

Thanos Thanos' true arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is imminent. The Mad Titan has appeared on screen, but he did so extremely briefly in the mid-credits scene of the Avengers movie, when his minion (The Other) suggested that to challenge the heroes of Earth would be "to court death" and he simply responded with an evil smile. However, next month sees the release of Marvel's first space epic: Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos is set to appear in full for the first time in that movie and will be played by Goonies, American Gangster and Jonah Hex star Josh Brolin (who will provide both motion capture and the voice for Thanos - though how much he'll actually say is still open to questioning). How prominent/brief his appearance will be is yet to be revealed, but the fact that he is set to appear in the main body of a live action movie for the first time has got comic book and comic book movie fans around the world rapturous with eager anticipation. So what can we potentially expect from the villain when he does start to really make himself known? Even those unfamiliar with the character from the comic books will surely be expecting someone powerful (he did use Loki as a merely expendable flunky after all), but those of us who are fully familiar with him know exactly to what extent he is powerful - and it's to a very large extent, trust us. If he's anything like his comic book portrayal, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are in for one hell of a tough time when they have to deal with him directly - even disregarding the fact that he will likely be wielding the full Infinity Gauntlet when he finally makes his physical presence felt in the third Avengers movie. On that note, let's have a look at the kind of powers he might display in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, based on what he's capable of in the comic books. Here are twelve awesome abilities to Look for when Thanos makes his presence felt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

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