The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - 10 Things You Need To Know

10. It's Set For A 2018 Release

Although it was pegged for a 2016 release date (two years from now), Sony recently announced that the third movie in Marc Webb's trilogy is now set for a 2018 release. Which means that - yes! - we're going to have to wait a whopping FOUR YEARS until it hits cinemas, which is sort of enough time for us to have forgotten about this franchise entirely, isn't it? At least, it would be, if Sony weren't pushing an array of spin-offs and side sequels. Why so long, then? Pretty much, it's presumed that Sony were a little peeved at the relatively lukewarm box office results (the movie made $708 million, but this was still seen to be a disappointing result) and negative critical reviews - they're taking their time to ensure that the movie turns out right. Also: they're planning their own cinematic universe of sorts, and we imagine that they're using the time to shoehorn in as many new characters as possible.

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