The Batman: 10 Things We Need To See In Matt Reeves' Reboot

Money, gadgets, and a penchant for physical assault are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Batman Hush
DC Comics/Warner Bros.

The character of Batman has graced the silver screen on 11 separate occasions, including the Adam West film, the Ben Affleck cameo made in Suicide Squad, his titular role in Batman v Superman, and his attendance in The Justice League. While the Nolan outings were easily the best of the lot - boasting respectable critical acclaim - each installment, to some degree, delved deeper into the Batman mythos.

So, with the twelfth outing coming in the form of Matt Reeve’s The Batman, slated to release in the summer of 2021, the question worth asking is: what can we hope for in this coming story? Reeves himself has claimed that the story is written in a noir-style telling and, thankfully, will not be an origin story. These are two major points in favour for the upcoming project and for fans of the Batman comic books.

However, to keep things fresh for viewers, the story needs to provide new elements, and deeper dives on topics touched previously, but not fully explored. Whether including some lesser known villains, or delving further into the relationship of Batman and his various wards, there are significant elements that comic book fans would be happy to see grace the screen, whether new, or reimagined.

10. A Fresh Design

The Batman Hush
DC Comics/David Finch

The on-screen Bat Suits have gone from latex bat-nipples, to full on plated body armour. As such, there is no doubt that The Batman will see its own rendition of the cape and cowl. This is an opportunity for the costume designers to really play with the look of the suit to bring something fresh, or something more reminiscent of the comic books to the project.

While the suit worn by Affleck in Batman V Superman was the closest take on its comic source material (both the armoured and non-armoured versions), a typical point of contention was the return to rigidity in the neck and head movement due to a full cowl. It’s a common problem due to the look and design of the suit, but one that had been cleverly addressed in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Whichever route is taken, the costume designers have an important task ahead of them regarding making their suit aesthetically appealing, while branding their version of the suit for the new generation of Batman films.


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