The Batman: Every Character Confirmed So Far (And 5 Rumoured Ones)

How many villains is too many villains?

Catwoman Fan Art The Batman
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After being attached to the project for more than two years, the ball is finally rolling on Matt Reeves' first Batman movie. The last few months have seen the director take to Twitter to confirm his cast, crew, and announce the official start of production.

There has been so much speculation regarding the movie after the Caped Crusader's uninspiring start to life in the DCEU, and the subsequent retirement of Ben Affleck from the role. However, just because there have been several confirmed castings doesn't mean all of this speculation has stopped.

It has long been rumoured that The Batman will take inspiration from the likes of The Long Halloween, and that Matt Reeves would be looking to include up to six villains for his debut with the character. So far there have been four antagonists confirmed, possibly only three depending on how one of them is utilised, which means there is still room for a whole bunch of unconfirmed bad guys.

And with The Batman existing outside the DCEU and away from Affleck's iteration of the character, there are still rumours of Reeves kicking off a whole new Bat-verse for the future. Needless to say, there are still many on the internet that are expecting to see some pretty big names appear in 2021.

14. Gil Colson (Confirmed)

Catwoman Fan Art The Batman
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With the majority of Reeves' casting announcements on Twitter came both the actor and the character they would be bringing to life. When the director announced the addition of Peter Sarsgaard however, he gave no indication of who he would portraying. Naturally this sparked much speculation and fan theorizing.

With Warner Bros now releasing an updated cast list, the Black Mass actor is confirmed to be playing Gil Colson, Gotham City's District Attorney. The character appears to be a creation specifically for the movie rather than one taken from the comics, though there may be some inspiration taken from Gil Mason, a character who appeared in Batman: The Animated Series.

Mason too worked in the political side of Gotham, though as a corrupt police officer who eventually rose to Commissioner after Gordon was wrongfully arrested.

Of course, there is precedent for comic movies bringing original characters into the superhero world, or slightly adapting a pre-existing character to better fit the movie. However, there are lots of fans who aren't buying this, and there is one rumour that just won't die...


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