The Best Moment Of Every James Bond Film - Ranked

Yes, even Die Another Day has one great scene.

Daniel Craig Casino Royale
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The sad, albeit somewhat inevitable, news that No Time to Die is being delayed to April 2021 is obviously a huge disappointment. That being said, a nice way to fill your time might be doing a bit of a revisit of the films in this extraordinary, wonderful franchise.

After all, the James Bond series is one of the best examples of cinematic escapism there has ever been and even though the films themselves vary in quality, there is nearly always entertainment to be found even in the franchise's lowest points.

Therefore, this is a franchise that is full of unforgettable moments and looking back over them is a reminder of just how much joy these films have given us for the past sixty years. But what is the best moment in each film?

Well, for nearly all of the twenty-four films, choosing the best scene from them is a considerable challenge, since all of them have scenes you'll never, ever forget. Still, one moment must always come out on top.

So, from brutal one-liners to terrifying exercises in suspense, from phenomenal action scenes to emotionally devastating endings, here's the finest scene from all twenty-four James Bond films, ranked.

24. Octopussy: Train Set-Piece

Daniel Craig Casino Royale

Octopussy is one of the weaker Bond films but it does have some good action scenes, the best of which is this train set-piece from the film's third act.

It's not an all-timer Bond action scene, but it is a hell of a lot of fun and is a consistently inventive spectacle too. Unlike the rest of the film, this is the right side of silly, aside from Bond dressing up as a gorilla (to hide from the villains) at one point, and mixes wackiness and suspense with genuine skill. If only the rest of the film had managed to mix humour and thrills so well.

Still, the train chase is an undeniably strong set-piece, although it's not as good as the other twenty-three scenes on this list.


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