The Best Moment Of Every James Bond Film - Ranked

23. Diamonds Are Forever: Bond Nearly Gets Burned Alive

Daniel Craig Casino Royale

Diamonds are Forever is not only one of the worst James Bond films, but it's very short on anything memorable. Thanks to a terrible script, awful acting and worst of all, shockingly bland action sequences (aside from a very solid lift fight scene), Diamonds are Forever is a major chore to sit through. Still, every cloud has a silver lining.

It does at least boast this terrifying scene in which Bond is nearly cremated alive by two of Blofeld's henchmen. Not only is this scenario, in general, the stuff of nightmares but it's even more frightening since Bond doesn't actually get out in some clever way like he usually does. He only survives because the people who put him in there change their mind and need to interrogate him further over some fake diamonds.

Again, it's a very good moment, but not as striking as the ones ranked above it.


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