The Blair Witch Project: 7 Most Compelling Fan Theories

Because a murderous, spectral witch is just too straightforward, right?

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Is there any film that divides horror fans more than The Blair Witch Project?

None are simply lukewarm when it comes to discussing this film, having either been deeply effected by its unsettling, minimalist approach, or left thoroughly disappointed because "nothing happens!". You'll have surely heard the word "overrated" thrown around in regards to how deserving this film is of its 'classic' status; angry comment sections everywhere are brimming with people who cannot comprehend why The Blair Witch Project is so often cited as one of the most frightening films ever made.

These people argue that the film's creative, early viral marketing strategy was solely responsible for the impact on original audiences, not the strengths of the film itself. To this I say "bo****ks". Even today, The Blair Witch Project still holds up as a terrifying experience for first-time viewers (if seen under the right conditions).

Once the question of "is it real, or not?" had completely worn off, people started to ponder the important question: what actually happened to Heather, Josh and Mike? Is what we're seeing really as straightforward as a vengeful, unseen witch playing cat and mouse with the people who stray into her domain?

To ultimately leave The Blair Witch Project so open-ended and uncertain was a stroke of genius (ambiguity wasn't the original intention), inviting some fascinating debate into what is already a brilliant horror landmark.

7. Mary Brown Is The Blair Witch

Blair Witch Secret
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Early on in the documentary footage, when the trio are compiling interviews with the Burkitsville locals, they visit an eccentric old recluse named Mary Brown who recounts a supernatural encounter from her childhood. Of course, they instantly dismiss Mary as a "lunatic", as Heather later describes her.

This is the most superficial of the popular theories out there about The Blair Witch Project, and in truth there is very little to back this assumption up. On first viewing, a significant number of people likely assume from Mary Brown's fleeting minute of screen time that she will ultimately be revealed as the titular entity, based entirely on the fact that she bears a likeness to the stereotype of the decrepit old hag (frail; old-fashioned attire; pointed nose and chin). Honestly, that's probably why Myrick and Sanchez put her in the film.

However, as supporters of this theory correctly point out, Heather remembers that Mary Brown had warned them of "something about a pile of rocks" when they discover that such formations have mysteriously appeared around their tent. It is also frequently noted that the string binding Mary's gate is similar to that used to tie the stick figure symbols that also crop up in the woods.

Even if she isn't actually Elly Kedward herself, rather an unhinged fanatic unhealthily obsessed with the local legend, it's not too much of a stretch to believe that she is responsible for the rocks and sticks. It's the human teeth and severed tongue that are a touch more concerning.


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