The Community Movie: 10 Things We Want To See

Let's hope they don't Britta it!!

Community Jeff

Red alert! It's finally happening, #sixseasonsandamovie! Dust off your Greendale student IDs and grab yourself a Peacock subscription.

The often underappreciated but still beloved Community was a sitcom that did so much right. Dan Harmon's school-based comedy had great humour, stellar characters and some truly memorable moments. However, one major feature that made the series stand out was its reliance on meta-humour.

Acknowledging the fact it was a show, playing with the tropes of the genre and even breaking the fourth wall gave Community an edge that many of its peers didn't have. Chevy Chase may have described it as a "mediocre f***ing sitcom", but it was far from it.

One of the most popular running gags played right into the show's self-awareness, promising that the series would last for six seasons and a movie. Of course, fans were happy they made it to the six seasons part of that promise (especially after Community was at one point cancelled), but no one actually expected the movie to come out.

Thankfully, the heavens have opened and heard the audience's prayers, as Peacock is finally making the film a reality. It's safe to say there are many things fans want to see, and the following ten are top of the list.

10. A Better Ending For Britta

Community Jeff

Britta may be the worst, but damn, she deserved way better than what she got in the finale.

Throughout Community, the incomparable Britta Perry went through many stages. At first, she was the pretty bland, but at least likeable, romantic foil to Jeff, but as things moved on, she came into her own as an overly dramatic, awkward and self-destructive human being. Fans wanted to see things work out for her, but they just sort of didn't.

The Greendale alumnus (who once lived in New York, you know?) decided to become a psych major in season three, which seemed like a great through-line for her. Sure, she was terrible at it, but this is a sitcom; she's surely going to rise to the occasion and make headway in achieving her dream, right? Right?!

Well, no, at the end of the show, Britta was a bartender, and there was no effort made to show where her life was going. Thus, this upcoming film must make an effort to give Britta a better send-off. Because who wants to see someone fail in their dream and then fade into the background?

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