THE DARK KNIGHT IMAX preview spoilers!

Can you resist?

The always awesome UGO Movieblog got word from a scooper in NYC who saw the IMAX preview for THE DARK KNIGHT that will run in front of I AM LEGEND. Spoilers ahoy, you're almost at the point of no return...

"A bank heist is really the only way to introduce the Clown Prince of Crime. It starts off with a breathtaking shot of Gotham City in broad daylight. The camera swoops into this big glass skyscraper the way only an IMAX movie can. It was stunning. Then BOOM! One of the windows in this big glass skyscraper is blown out. It then cut to two thugs in ugly clown masks (the ones we saw in the first publicity stills that were released months ago) shooting a zip line down to an adjacent rooftop. Cut to the street as we see another thug waiting on a street corner with his clown mask in his hand. We€™re looking at him from behind and can€™t see his face. A van pulls up and the thug puts on his mask and jumps in to join the rest of the clowns. The clown who€™s driving is bitching about how this Joker guy who planned the heist didn€™t even bother to show up and questions why they should cut him in on any of the loot. There€™s an awesome line from one of the clowns about The Joker and how he wears make-up as €œwar paint€ to scare the crap out of people. Very cool stuff. The two clowns in the skyscraper dramatically swing down to the rooftop while the clowns in the van enter the bank guns a blazing."
You can read the rest by going here. source - ugo movieblog


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