The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Major Problems With The Plot

Beware of massive spoilers; this text assumes you have seen the film.

I should probably start out by saying that I genuinely enjoyed Batman's latest cinematic outing. Despite some surprisingly sloppy editing, a rather bloated cast, and a hindquarters-numbing runtime, there was a lot to like. With plenty of awe-inspiring set pieces, great character moments, and some enjoyable twists, there was a lot to love. While not quite reaching the heights of Joss Whedon's 'Avengers', 'The Dark Knight Rises' undoubtedly stands as one of the best popcorn flicks of the year. That said, as I sit tapping away at my keyboard, 'The Dark Knight Rises' sits at a lofty number fourteen on IMDB's top one-hundred. This number will of course, fall in time. However I can't but feel that a little bit too much praise has been heaped upon Nolan's epic conclusion to his trilogy, and not just from the esteemed voters over at IMDB. As mentioned previously, the film was not without its issues. The greatest issue I took was with the plot. Much has been said around the internet about so-called 'plot holes'. While I wouldn't call the problems holes exactly, here are my five biggest gripes with the plot of The Dark Knight Rises. Beware of massive spoilers; this text assumes you have seen the film. If not, go see it already!

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