The Hardest Sci-Fi Movie Quiz On The Internet

You'll never get 100% on this HARDEST Sci-Fi movie quiz on the internet!


For as long as there has been movies, there has been science fiction movies.

When done well, few things can top a great sci-fi picture. With the sheer scope and possibilities that the sci-fi genre offers up, there is a literal endless amount of potential forever tied to the science fiction wheelhouse.

Want to head up to the stars? Sci-fi has your back. Want to plunge into an alternative reality? Sci-fi’s got you covered. Fancy some lasers and robots? Sci-fi is your go-to place. Want superpowered heroes and villains? Again, sci-fi has everything you need.

The point being, no film genre lends itself to the human imagination as well as science-fiction. Anything that can be dreamt up, sci-fi can make it come to life.

Over the decades, there have been so many standout science-fiction movies. From the early classics of the 1920s and ‘30s, through to heavy-hitting franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, to more acclaimed offerings like Blade Runner and Ex Machina, sci-fi has some truly stunning films under its banner.

How well do you know the world of science fiction pictures, though? Hopefully extremely well, for here we’ve put together the HARDEST sci-fi quiz on the internet!

1. In Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi, Who Killed Jabba The Hutt?

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