The Invisible Man Review - 10 Key Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about the best horror of the year so far...

Invisible Man
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The Leigh Whannell directed The Invisible Man is about to hit cinemas and it looks like being the sleeper hit of the season. The trailers looked interesting, but we've all fallen for the good trailer, bad movie trope before. Thankfully this movie doesn't just matche the hype, it comfortably surpasses it.

Made on a budget of just $9 Million, Whannell has used his money wisely, forking out for strong actors who can make talking to an empty room look believable. The acting across the board is strong and generally avoids any sense of caricature. The film can be best described as a combination of the 1940 hIt Gaslight and the Paranormal Activity franchise, with a reverse Gone Girl scenario thrown in for good measure.

So sit back and tell yourself that there isn't anyone sitting beside you, as we answer the top 10 questions you want answered about The Invisible Man.

10. Is It A Reboot Of The Dark Universe?

Invisible Man
Universal Pictures

The film is most definitely not a reboot of the Dark Universe franchise, unless the DU is going down a very different path entirely. While seeing a Jekyll and Hyde story explored from inside a relationship would be an interesting modernisation, it does seem unlikely they'll go down this path.

The far more likely scenario appears to be that the DU will go down the DCEU franchise route of standalone films. This will allow for more risk taking in the storytelling as is present in this film, and may allow a more authentic retelling of films such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

As long as they stay as far away from The Mummy debacle as possible, then the DU will be fine.


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