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kingdom-poster-0.jpgYou may remember back in February, we were in the same position as we are in now with The Kingdom. The movie had just released it's full length trailer and we were two months away from the film hitting our screens. Then surprisingly, it was pushed back five months till the end of September but this wasn't so the movie could be improved with further editing or anything. It was claimed it was because the movie was generating such positive praise at test screenings that a better slot was required for the movie to reach it's full box office potential. So the movie is set to finally come out on September 28th and will be running over the Memorial Day Weekend which is always a heavy hitter at the Box Office. It will be going up against The Darjeeling Limited, Across the Universe, The Game Plan and the latest Simon Pegg comedy Run, Fatboy, Run. That is a packed weekend for sure, so The Kingdom isn't the only one trying to capitalise on the holiday weekend. A new trailer for The Kingdom has been released online. The movie stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Chris Cooper and Jeremy Piven for director Peter Berg. This is defintely the best trailer yet for the movie and is the one which might finally have won my money. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER
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