The Main Issue With Each MCU Phase 4 Entry (So Far)

10. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - Generic Antagonists Undermined Thematic Potential

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

A spiritual successor to the Captain America trilogy, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier explored the legacy that came with wielding the iconic hero’s mantle and how his actions shaped the lives of its eponymous leads following his retirement from superheroics.

In addition to this, the series attempted to explore America’s troubled relationships with race, trauma and power/influence in a post-Blip world. Unfortunately, these laudable narrative ambitions were hampered by the series’ decision to use the Flagsmashers as a vehicle for these themes. Led by Karli Morgenthau, they tasked themselves with trying to support those displaced by the Blip's impact regardless of the cost it took on bystanders and themselves.

Their motivations were understandable enough and sympathetic to a degree, but the development of these villains gradually worsened as the show progressed and by its conclusion, their place in the narrative was murky (especially with the inexplicable involvement of the Power Broker) and detrimental to the show’s original goals.

It should be noted that the series was originally poised to have a nine-episode count, but was unable to reach this due to budget restrictions, and this means that the show may have some crucial narrative threads missing from its final form.


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