The Matrix Resurrections: 10 Mistakes From The Original Trilogy It Needs To Avoid

9. Avoid Dangling Plotlines

The Matrix Revolutions Hugo Weaving
Warner Bros. Pictures

When the Matrix: Reloaded arrived in 2003, Matrix fans had four years to speculate about the deeper mysteries of the Matrix that the original film had hinted at. Part of the fun of the franchise was wondering how deep the rabbit hole went in the first film, speculating on things like whether Neo was actually out of the Matrix or still in a simulation.

The Wachowskis wanted to cultivate the air of mystery that surrounded the property and raised numerous questions in the Matrix: Reloaded to keep fans guessing about what was really going on. How could Neo use his powers outside the Matrix? Who was the mother of the Matrix the Architect hinted at? How had Agent Smith learned to replicated himself?

Unfortunately, it seemed like the Wachowskis had no intention of answering these questions in a satisfying way. Neo could use his powers outside the Matrix just because. The mother of the Matrix is never brought up again. Agent Smith just learned how to replicate himself. This led to the sequels being a deeply unsatisfying experience overall.

If the Matrix: Resurrections intends to kick start a new trilogy as it is rumored to, then Lana Wachowski needs to avoid raising narrative questions that she doesn't intend to answer in the next Matrix films, otherwise Resurrections will be retroactively ruined if many of its plot points remained unresolved.


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