The Meg Review: 4 Ups & 5 Downs

Exactly what you're expecting.

The Meg Jason Statham
Warner Bros

The Meg is out now in cinemas worldwide, and it's pretty much exactly what you should expect from the movie's marketing. A fun, brainless shark movie that knows exactly what it is and delivers accordingly, you pretty much already know if you're gonna dig this one.

Critics were sharply divided on the film, to the surprise of few, though polarising reviews for a movie about a gigantic prehistoric shark is pretty much par for the course.

Narratively braindead but bolstered by strong visuals and a talented cast, The Meg isn't an ambitious or thoughtful tentpole flick, but it serves up the high-calorie goods for those prepared to forgive its many, many flaws.

It's not necessarily something you need to catch at the cinema, but as a giddily dumb time at the movies with some pals, it isn't without its pleasures.

Could it have been better with some pretty simple changes? Absolutely, but given how few shark movies actually make it into cinemas, if you're a fan of the genre this might be a ride worth taking...


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