The Predator: 18 WTF Moments

12. "Get To The Choppers!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator

This being a Shane Black movie, The Predator is full of meta-jokes and references. There are so many that are reductive, in fact, that they warrant their own point in this very list (wait and see), but there's one that is so silly and so brilliant that you'll almost feel compelled to stand and applaud Black.

When the Predator escapes and McKenna's veterans decide they're going to kill it, things aren't going their way, so Trevante Rhodes' Nebraska Williams (whose first name is Gaylord, because that's how the jokes sometimes go in The Predator) spots an opportunity to turn the tides.

Spotting some motorcycles abandoned nearby, he utters the immortal line "get to the choppers!" making even Schwarzenegger fan in the place explode in a shower of joy.

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