The Predator: Ranking The Probability Of Every Major Character Death

There's something out there hunting them...

The Predator
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After years of anticipation, Shane Black's The Predator is almost upon us. The long-awaited sequel looks to reboot the iconic franchise while introducing one of Hollywood's greatest movie monsters to a new generation.

Speaking of new generations, the film will also introduce us to a whole new ensemble of characters (or victims) that will team up as they seek to destroy the invaders once and for all to protect the surrounding area from them.

Over the years, the Predator has taken on countless of humanity's most imposing warriors. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Danny Glover, the alien species has challenged Earth's mightiest action heroes. But while men like those have ultimately proven to have the creature's number, others have not been so lucky.

Before their ultimate defeat, the Predators usually leave a sea of souls lying in their wake - victims of the hunt who lost their lives because they couldn't defeat the master of the game. You can rest assured that they're likely to do it all over again in the upcoming movie - but which of this new pack of heroes will survive?

11. Rory McKenna

The Predator

Likelihood Of Dying: 1/10

We may not know it yet, but Rory McKenna could be the most important character in The Predator. Portrayed by Jacob Tremblay, Quinn's son is the one who accidentally summons the creatures back to Earth when he inadvertently activates one of their mysterious gauntlets.

Rory possesses an extraordinary ability to learn languages, which makes him invaluable in the team's fight against the Predators. As the Yautja species use their own language to communicate, it's possible that he could help humankind learn how to communicate with the invading Predators.

Let's not forget that Rory is still only a child, and he will be under the protection of the team throughout the whole movie, with his father willing to stop at nothing to keep him safe. He's the emotional heart of this movie - he is the one character guaranteed to survive.

Moreover, the Predators may be cold-blooded killers, but they live by a code. They hunt for sport and, as we all know by now, they don't kill anyone that is unarmed. So it's highly likely that they won't kill this seemingly harmless young boy and this could make Rory an even greater asset to the team.


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