The Scary Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Which movie is the scariest?

Dimension Films

The movie parody is an interesting phenomenon in film-making. It has generated some of the best comedies ever, with Mel Brooks classics like Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein to name a few. Sadly the genre eventually began to fade. Parody films ended up making nothing at the box office, and not even the wonderful Leslie Nielson seemed to be able to draw a crowd in for them.

That was until the Wayans brothers made Scary Movie. Although it is an inherently terrible franchise, people do not give credit to these films for essentially saving the parody genre. Whilst it would eventually end up completely ruining itself as other projects took the concept and destroyed it, for a moment, these films were everywhere.

Because they chose to parody whatever was most popular at the time, the instalments end up feeling like time capsules, giving us an insight into pop-culture of the time. This makes them an overwhelmingly positive experience to look back on if you want a nostalgic tour of the early 2000s.

With gross-out humour, some great actors and an over-reliance on goofiness this series made for a fun time and is a great one to explore during Halloween.


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