The Snowman Review: 1 Up & 9 Downs

A flaming dumpster fire.

The Snowman Michael Fassbender

Though it doesn't release in the U.S. until October 20th, the long-awaited adaptation of Jo Nesbø's bestselling crime thriller novel The Snowman is out now internationally...and it's a shame to report that it's really not good. Not at all.

Expectations were high in the months leading up to its release, what with the presence of revered Swedish director Tomas Alfredson and an all-star cast to boot. However, reviews landed mere days before the film hit cinemas, and it's fair to say that critics have pretty much torn it asunder.

And rightly so. What a missed opportunity this movie is, a bafflingly inept, low-energy thriller that doesn't even feel fit for the typical "save it for Netflix" proviso. Unless you're really, really into Scandic crime thrillers and/or Michael Fassbender, there's little reason to waste your time on this tripe with so many other quality movies vying for your attention right now.

Hell, just go see Blade Runner 2049 again if you really need to go to the cinema that badly. It could sure use your box office bucks...


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