The Snowman Review: 1 Up & 9 Downs


9. Val Kilmer's Incredibly Bizarre Cameo

The Snowman Val Kilmer Toby Jones

A small element of The Snowman that's been left almost entirely out of the movie's marketing is the brief appearance by the legendary Val Kilmer as Gert Rafto, a detective who shows up in flashbacks as Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) tries to get to the bottom of the Snowman killings.

Kilmer's screen time totals maybe five minutes, and he spends all of it walking around with a bizarre grimace on his face and delivering his few lines in a low-pitch grumble.

It's also painfully apparent that many of his lines have been re-dubbed in post-production, as they frequently go out of sync and don't even sound like they were recorded by him.

Though Kilmer's few scenes are a little more interesting than most of the rest of the movie, they're ultimately more distracting and unintentionally amusing than genuinely engaging for good reasons.


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