The Suicide Squad: 22 WTF Moments

21. Weasel Drowns (But Actually Doesn't)

The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

Surely the most head-scratching member of the Suicide Squad's "Team 1" is Weasel (Sean Gunn), the anthropomorphic weasel who, according to Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), has killed 27 children.

Hilariously, when the Squad drops from their chopper into the sea to start the beach raid, Weasel immediately starts drowning, because apparently nobody checked if he could swim before deploying him on the mission.

Weasel appears to die, with Savant dragging his "corpse" to shore and seemingly confirming his death.

However, in an extra scene immediately after the movie's end credits, it's revealed that Weasel actually survived his accident, waking up and scuttling off into the darkness to fight another day.


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