The Worst Part Of The 10 Best MCU Movies

It's come close, but the MCU has never been perfect.

Avengers: Endgame old Captain America Steve Rogers

If you were to ask any MCU fan what their favourite movie from the entire franchise is, you would get a wide array of answers. There are more than a few genuinely outstanding entries into the biggest movie franchise in the world, and for different reasons, many could be at the top of the list.

Though the MCU appears to be on somewhat rocky ground right now, stuck in arguably its worst stretch ever since it began back in 2008, fans generally associate the franchise with mega-hits and blockbusters. By no means however, does that mean that they are perfect.

Such movies are so big in scale that it would be almost impossible to make every single aspect and detail perfect. There will always be moments that fans think either could have been better, or in some cases, didn’t need to be there at all. Even in the very best of them.

From nonsensical, useless, and even too many villains, to inconsistent stories and injustice to fan favourite characters, there will always be annoying little moments even amidst a sea of excellence.

10. Zemo's Ridiculous Plan - Captain America: Civil War

Avengers: Endgame old Captain America Steve Rogers
Marvel Studios

With the biggest fight of the Avengers’ lives on the horizon at the beginning of Phase Three, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios decided to make things even harder for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In preparation for Thanos, why not rip the team in half?

This is what Captain America: Civil War did, and while a lot of it had to do with Steve’s uncompromising defence of Bucky, and the fact that he hid the truth about Howard and Maria Stark’s deaths, it was all set in motion by Zemo.

After recovering the book that held the key to the Winter Soldier’s mind, which he just so happened to know exactly where to find, the rogue bombed the UN to frame Bucky and kick off an international manhunt. He then broke Bucky free, after tapping into his Winter Soldier brain, seemingly foreseeing the divide this would cause between Cap and Iron Man. He then took them to Siberia where he showed the two Avengers the footage of Tony’s parents being killed in what was the final nail in the Avengers’ coffin. There were also another five Winter Soldiers in there for some reason.

As strong of a villain as Zemo was, this plan was ludicrous. It relied on so many tiny details that it would have been impossible to plan out as perfectly as he did, and a far simpler story would have made for a better final product.


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