Thor: Love And Thunder - 10 Major New Details You Need To Know

Director Taika Waititi just revealed a tonne of new details about the Thor: Ragnarok sequel!

Thor The Dark World Jane Foster Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

After Thor: Ragnarok completely re-invented the God of Thunder's franchise, a character who had started fading into the background of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was given a colourful overhaul and a compelling, often comical new personality. Filmmaker Taika Waititi was arguably the best thing that ever happened to Thor, and he has big plans for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Last night, the writer and director held an impromptu live commentary/Q&A on Instagram which saw him drop plenty of new Love and Thunder details, all while presumably dodging Marvel Studios's team of anti-spoiler snipers!

A few details about Thor: Love and Thunder were revealed at last year's Comic-Con, including the fact Natalie Portman is set to return as Jane Foster before becoming The Mighty Thor. However, we now have fresh intel about which new characters will and won't be included, along with some big reveals from leaked concept art shared by Waititi last night.

As if that's not enough, plans for the "Bro Thor," Korg, Miek, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy have been revealed, and Waititi is clearly looking to get fans hyped about his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After reading this, we're pretty sure that's something you'll be on board with...

10. We're Going To See The Space Sharks

Thor The Dark World Jane Foster Thor Love and Thunder
Marvel Comics

Originally introduced in the pages of Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum, the Space Sharks were used by the alien Brood to ride into battle as they went from planet to planet invading and overtaking rival species. Later, Thor writer Jason Aaron would bring them back as creatures that simply travel throughout the spaceways, and they've quickly become fan-favourites.

Basically, they're an alien species that look like sharks who are every bit as deadly as their counterparts on Earth. It's a pretty crazy concept, and not one we ever expected to see in a live-action setting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Taika Waititi is the perfect choice of filmmaker to bring them to the big screen, though, and he's clearly taking inspiration from Aaron's comic book work. In those, an ancient version of Thor from the future would often battle them as they circled Earth, and while it's hard to say whether Love and Thunder is going to take us to that timeline, their involvement here is bound to lead to some bonkers moments!


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