Thor: Ragnarok - 26 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

24. 177A Bleecker Street

sherlock vatican cameos

Obviously, Doctor Strange cameos, but it's hardly an Easter Egg given that we've already seen a significant slice of the scene thanks to the post-credits on Scott Derrickson's movie, but there is a nice little gag in there still.

More subtle a reference comes with the reveal that he lives at 177A Bleecker Street, as in the comics, but there's a cheeky nod to Benedict Cumberbatch's other most famous character. When we see the address on the outside of his front door, the music mischieviously apes the Sherlock music, with a familiar harpsichord sound.

When he appears, Strange also wears the yellow gloves he always sported in The Silver Age of Comic Books.


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