Thor: The Dark World: 5 Things We Hope To See

Thor-Dark-World-39 With yesterday€™s release of the trailer for Thor: The Dark World, we€™ve been given our first glimpse at the return of the God of Thunder €“ and it€™s a welcome one. But outside of the brief official synopsis and the first trailer, we still don€™t know a huge amount about what transpires in the movie. Actually, we know just enough to fuel rampant speculation about what really will go down when the second film on Marvel€™s Phase II slate comes out this November. To that end, here are five things we want to see from Thor€™s next outing in Asgard.

5. More of the Nine Realms

This first one is pretty much a foregone conclusion, especially now that the first trailer for Dark World has dropped. We spent most of the first Thor film on earth €“ and that was fine. The whole point of the movie was to chronicle Thor€™s journey to become a hero. Now, though, he has achieved that status, and this is our chance to see more of these Nine Realms that Thor is sworn to protect. The designs we saw for the different realms in Thor were exceptional €“ but limited. Based on the setup for Dark World, we can safely assume and hope that we€™ll be seeing much more of Asgard and the other realms as well. Marvel€™s Phase II is built on the idea of expanding the Marvel movieverse, and of their already established properties, Thor is the one that lends itself most clearly to this effort. With the Dark Elves (led by Christopher Eccleston€™s Malekith) serving as the main antagonists, it€™s a safe bet we€™ll be visiting their home realm of Svartalfheim, and hopefully the journey will take Thor and company even further across the realms.

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