Tim Burton's Batman Forever: Best Dark Knight Movie Never Made?

Speaking of Catwoman, the anti-heroine was also rumored to make a reappearance. Her return was hinted at in the last shot of Batman Returnsbut she never reappeared in the Schumacher films. I think it'd have been great to see how Burton would've expanded upon the Batman/Catwoman relationship. Their relationship is the definitive romantic relationship in the Batman mythos, one that benefits from multiple films. Seeing Pfeiffer and Keaton as possible allies this time would've be really fun as well. Rene Russo was also going to be a separate love interest for Bruce Wayne, setting up a possible love triangle. In typical Hollywood fashion, since Russo was (gasp!) around 4o at this time, she was deemed too old for the part and replaced by the much younger Nicole Kidman. The guy from Scary Movie as Robin? That's right. Marlon Wayans, of the Wayans clan, actually screentested for the role but was replaced with Chris O'Donnell. It's hard to imagine the Boy Wonder in Burton's grim universe- similar to imagining him Nolan's. But that's what makes the idea so enticing. How does Burton take the idea of a kid sidekick and adjust it to his sensibilities? Is this Robin antagonistic towards Batman? Does he kill people? Will Batman be forced to take him out? All interesting possibilities that wouldn't be too far removed from Burton's sensibilities. As I mentioned earlier, I grew up loving Batman Forever. But now that I'm older, I want to go to an alternate reality and see Burton's third Batman film. Batman Returns definitely wasn't kid friendly but I like how Burton wasn't afraid to be very uncommercial and dark in his vision. I imagine if his third Batman struck a balance between the tone of Batman and Batman Returns It could've been the best of his three films. I wonder if this film would've served as the final part of a trilogy or, if successful, Burton would have gone on to make a fourth film. I think if Burton directed Batman Forever it could've prevented the Batman franchise from falling in to pure campiness via ice puns made by Mr. Freeze- letting the franchise continue to be a darker alternative to lighter blockbuter fare. Or maybe not. While we can only speculate on Burton's vision for a third Batman, this summer we're getting another dark, ambitious take on the Batman legend, The Dark Knight Rises- and that's something to look forward to.

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