Titanic: How It Should Be Re-Cast In 2021

Which actors deserve their tickets aboard the "unsinkable ship"?

Titanic Recast

Who would have thought that a movie about one of the biggest tragedies in recorded history would have made such a beautiful and heartwarming story, albeit with a fair few tears mixed in?

Titanic truly was (for lack of a better word) a titanic success and has become one of the most famous must-see-before-you-die movies. Thanks to this legacy, the idea of retouching the film is likely to get many people up in arms, but that doesn't mean there's no benefit to looking back and thinking, what if?

Part of what made the story of Titanic engaging were the characters. Putting names and faces to the victims of the disaster made the truth of the matter all the more devastating, and the actors who took those roles played a big part in the film's success.

However, despite how iconic these performances are, it is still exciting to ponder who would take the roles in this day and age. As the movie comes close to celebrating its 25th anniversary, let's take a look at what those different faces could/should look like.

10. Thomas Andrews - Adrian Dunbar

Titanic Recast
20th Century Fox/BBC Two

Although this character spent most of his time in the background, there's no denying that he has one of the most tragic parts in the film.

As the master-builder of the ship itself, it's easy to see how responsible he felt for it, and watching as he tried his best to warn people about the sinking before going down with it was poetic and sad. So, you'd need to find an actor who could convey this sense of severity whilst still being likeable enough to make you feel bad for him, and Adrian Dunbar would be a perfect fit.

Dunbar already ticks one major box, and that's being Irish. But more than that, he is a talented actor who always makes his characters likeable and complex, meaning he'd no doubt nail this part.

Plus, it has to be said that Dunbar and Victor Garber (the original actor behind the role) are the spitting image of each other, meaning it's already clear the Line of Duty star would look and feel at home on board the Titanic.

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