Titanic: How It Should Be Re-Cast In 2021

9. Old Rose - Vanessa Redgrave

Titanic Recast
Fox/Wikimedia Commons

Ah, Rose, the hero of the story and the heart/soul of the film.

It's easy to look past her older counterpart, as the intensity of the sinking scenes make you forget that you already know Rose survives. Still, the interludes back in the modern-day remind you that what you're seeing is just a distant memory told by a character you've fallen in love with. Her narration is the crux of the movie, so why not go with someone tried and tested?

Vanessa Redgrave needs no introduction, as she's one of the most respected actors in the business. Her long-spanning career has been littered with beautiful roles and performances, even grabbing her an Oscar for the 1977 flick Julia, so she'd have the right level of prestige for this part.

Redgrave would need a little help ageing up, as passing for a 101-year-old would be tough. However, with the right make-up and performance, Redgrave could easily convince you that she's the long-lasting survivor of this horrible event.

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