10 Best Films About The Wrongly Accused

With the release of previously convicted murderer Amanda Knox in Perugia last night, legally a victim of being wrongly accused for a murder she didn't commit, we thought it would be apt to re-post this Top Ten from last November.

The theme of innocent people being wrongly accused of crimes or mistakenly embroiled in some form of misdemeanour has been a staple of the thriller film genre for decades. Whilst it is far from enjoyable in real life to be accused of a crime you haven€™t committed, below are ten films that use the theme of a wrongly accused protagonist to entertainment perfection...

10. GOTHIKA (2003)

Gothika is interesting introduction to this list as here's a movie that combines the notions of a wrongful accusation with the standard psychological/supernatural/whodunnit horror plot. Halle Berry is Miranda Grey €“ a psychologist who is accused of murdering her husband but she has no recollection of committing the crime. Teamed with the manipulation of a rancorous spirit, Grey must prove her innocence whilst regaining her memory. French director Mathieu Kassovitz€™s tight direction works well to create an air of tension and makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience. Drawing on his breakthrough success La Haine (1995), Kassovitz keeps a distinct gritty style that is evident in his earlier opus, despite his much higher studio budget here. A unique interpretation of the theme, Gothika is certainly not the best film on this wrongfully accused list, however it is nonetheless an entertaining episode that floats through a few different genres.
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