10 Best Films About The Wrongly Accused

09. THE DARK CORNER (1946)

This film may appear at first glance to be a standard 1940s film noir, but in actuality it€™s a stand-out for a number of reasons. Firstly, it offers legendary comic actress Lucille Ball a highly dramatic role. The narrative is also interesting €“ and slightly varies from the other entries in this list €“ as the protagonist, Bradford Galt (Mark Stevens), is out for a fresh start after having been falsely accused of manslaughter. However, he quickly finds himself being manipulated into murdering his old partner - who was responsible for his earlier arrest - by the suave Stauffer (William Bendix). Despite refusing, Galt awakens next to the corpse of his former partner and finds himself implicated in a crime he had nothing to do with once more. Clifton Webb is on hand to play his usual acerbic noir character, who once more proves to be the real villain. With echoes of Laura (1944), The Dark Corner is not as accomplished as many of the iconic examples of the noir genre, but it's wrongfully accused theme is strong enough for inclusion.
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