Top 10 Physically Disabled Film Characters

A top ten list as we wave goodbye to the London 2012 Paralympic games

We've just waved goodbye to the London 2012 Paralympic games and by all means it was resounding success in terms of ticket sales, the way it was received by the public and the way it was broadcast.

So, with that in mind, what better time to have a run down of some of the memorable physically disabled film characters of all time?

Some films depicting physically challenged characters present the lives of those who were born handicapped and others show the struggles of those who lose limbs through accidents or conflicts. There are others yet who simply feature disabled characters in a much more anonymous way, not drawing any particular attention to the character's status as a disabled person.

It is easy, and completely understandable, to approach a film starring a disabled principle or secondary character with the foreboding that it's going to be a hard watch and that you'll be left with a feeling of guilt as you stare into the mirror afterwards thinking about how little you've achieved in your life even though you've got the full use of your body . . .

But don't worry. You'll find, more often than not, this isn't the case. Many of these films feature tragedy and depression but also sweetness, joy and can be incredibly funny, often playing on the fact that the audience feel it's taboo to laugh at certain things when it comes to disabled people.

These films can also often be incredibly uplifting as they present a form of underdog story which puts the audience firmly on the side of the disabled character.

So back away from the mirror, stop questioning yourself and sit on your arse and read this list instead.

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