Top 10 Physically Disabled Film Characters

10. Jake Sully - Avatar (2009)

The main character of James Cameron's epic, box office destroying, 3D-fest is a former marine, played Sam Worthington, who didn't inherit the brains in his family but due to the work of his twin, who did, gains the chance to walk again, put his life back together and lead an uprising of lanky blue things who use a plant version of the internet to speak to trees.

I'll admit the message concerning disabilities is a little sketchy on this one (Be proud of who you are unless you get the chance to be a big blue monkey-cat?) but I couldn't leave Sulley off the list due the massive success off the film and therefore his role as ambassador whether he likes it or not.

If you try hard you can kind of make out a 'it's what's on the inside the counts' thing that's going on. Perhaps we just have to deal with the message being that losing the use of your legs isn't great and getting them back would be.

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