Top 5 Choices For DOCTOR WHO Movie Villains

Which of the Timelord's most deadliest foes should be used in the newly announced Doctor Who movie?

With the surprising announcement yesterday that Harry Potter director David Yates and the BBC were jumping in to bed together on a new Doctor Who movie that would have no correlation to the current t.v. incarnation, one of the speculative questions to instantly hit the minds of fans is, €œWhat villains will they use?€. Well as we always like to do with our on-going fantasy casting series, we are more than happy to fuel the imagination. Here€™s our best five suggestions for the Doctor€™s big screen threat!

5. The Silurians

The first intelligent life to evolve on Earth are a species that the Third Doctor incorrectly thought originated in the Silurian-era. These reptilian-style individuals are therefore unique in being non-human, but also not aliens. They€™ve also been shown from the start to have a society that€™s every bit as varied as humanity, and on the series they€™ve often been more willing to make peace with us than we have with them. How to use them: The Doctor shows up on Earth, and finds out about mysterious geological activity. He investigates, along with his new human sidekicks (perhaps a reporter and a scientist), and eventually ends up going deep into the Earth, where he finds out that the Silurians are well aware of humanity, and are trying to avoid contact with them. The geological activity is a side effect of a new power-source they€™ve started using. In the end, the Doctor barely manages to prevent war between the Silurians and the humans, and flies off into the sunset.

4. The Weeping Angels

They look like statues, and in fact are statues, as long as anyone can see them. But as soon as you look away, as soon as you even blink, they leap into action! They are, without a doubt, the most popular of the new series villains. Sorry, Slitheen! How to use them: This is kind of tough. They€™re a somewhat passive threat, and it would be tough to use them correctly. However, if you have some sort of creepy graveyard setting, then it might be workable. They should definitely play the scare factor up a bit, and if they work it right, it can kind of be a more family-friendly version of Alien.

3. The Cybermen

The First Doctor€™s last adventure was the first against the Cybermen, and it proved so hard on the Timelord, it forced him to regenerate. They€™ve returned periodically throughout the old and new series, and almost every Doctor has had to deal with them, usually at a high cost, and once at the cost of one of the Doctor€™s companions. How to use them: This is also kind of tricky, but for a different reason. Stop me when this sounds familiar: A cybernetic race with a distinct design aesthetic travels the universe €œassimilating€ those they come into contact with. You see the problem. However, ignoring the Borg similarities, they could still make for an effective villain. A story based loosely on €œThe Tenth Planet€ could be very interesting, especially if it were still set in the Antarctic. The possibilities for an extremely claustrophobic story are endless!

2. The Master

He was the villain in the 1996 TV movie (played with campy glee by Eric Roberts), and has been a threat to the Doctor ever since the Pertwee years. Like the Doctor, he€™s a brilliant Time Lord and has a TARDIS of his own, but that€™s where the similarities end. He is the anti-Doctor on almost every level. He€™s generally pleasant and polite, well-mannered and dignified and really, really evil. How to use him: Really, the Master would work best if he was introduced in the first movie and then developed over the course of two or three films as a minor character. Then in the third or fourth movie you have him turn to, essentially, the Dark Side. Perhaps he and the Doctor have a fight where both regenerate? He has a great deal of potential, but wouldn€™t be as easy to work with as the others.

1. The Daleks

We can speculate all we want, but let€™s face it: it€™s very likely that the villains will be the daleks. And why not? They are as iconic to the series as the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver, jelly babies and questionable fashion choices. Ruthless, amoral killing machines that I can guarantee you would result in big box office numbers and a generation of children around the world running around on playgrounds shouting €œEXTERMINATE!€ How to use them: I feel the best way to do this would be some variation on €œGenesis of the Daleks€. That way we not only have a good set of villains in the form of the daleks, but we also get Davros and Nider. This is also a very accessible way to introducing the daleks. Of course, the plot would have to be altered somewhat to make it clear that this the Doctor€™s first time facing them, but that would be pretty easy to do.

Honorable Mention:

Something else. Something original. Something not from the TV series, not from the previous movies, not from the books, not from the audios. Something completely new and unique to the movie. I know this isn€™t very likely, but it€™s not without precedent in TV-to-movie adaptations. Think about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Widely regarded as the most accessible and one of the best of the Trek films, and it doesn€™t feature a single villain from the TV series, but rather has an all-new threat. I think that might be a good way to go if they can come up with a good one.

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