Toy Story 4: 19 Easter Eggs & References Explained

Keep your eyes peeled, and then some.

Toy Story 4 Bing Bong Boo

Toy Story 4 has been out in cinemas worldwide now for a few days, so there's a good chance you've had time to see Pixar's belated sequel for yourself - and marvel at just how much better it is than it really has any right to be.

With this being a Pixar movie, it of course arrives in cinemas jam-packed with an array of Easter eggs, references and sly secret gags for fans to keep their eyes (and ears) peeled for.

Though the entirety of the hidden nods won't be made clear until the film hits home video - especially because the antiques store and fairground scenes need some serious frame-by-frame scanning to catch everything - eagle-eyed viewers may nevertheless have caught a good number of them.

From clever in-jokes that only the most hardcore Pixar fans will be aware of, to tips of the hat to other Pixar movies, unexpected references to wider pop-culture and even some neat world-building within the Toy Story franchise itself, these are the Easter eggs you may have missed yet absolutely must know about...


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